Tracey Leslie

Tracey is an Emotional Confidence and Mindset Coach. She is passionate about supporting women in STEM professions to understand themselves better, increase their confidence and overcome the limits they unconsciously place on themselves and their potential.

Tracey worked as a water and wastewater engineer for more than 25 years in consulting, local and state government and for NGOs doing humanitarian emergency relief work. Her work has taken her all over the world and she has gained valuable experience and insights to the challenges this world is facing. She is most proud of her emergency relief work which involved working in complex contexts that taught her to be resourceful, calm under pressure and the value of providing those in need with basic human rights to water and sanitation.

Like a lot of others in the industry, Tracey struggled with confidence, self-doubt and expressing her thoughts and opinions in the workplace and in her personal life. This struggle was not evident to others and one she didn’t feel able to talk about. This ultimately led to feeling unfulfilled, struggling with health, her relationship, and who she was as a person.

This personal struggle led her to coaching which was critical to improving her health, relationships and creating a career which she is very passionate about. She believes there is a huge amount of unrealised potential in women in STEM that is critical to resolving some of the challenges this world is facing.

Business Profile:

Tracey supports women to increase their confidence, manage self-doubt, understand their emotions and learn how to effectively express themselves so they can make a difference in the world.

Coaching helps create self-awareness of peoples’ limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviours, and the innate gifts, experience and skills they possess. Tracey focuses on understanding the root cause of what is holding her clients back and giving them the awareness, understanding of themselves and new tools so they can resolve what is holding them back and create more confidence and calm in their life and career.

Tracey is a certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and certified in Conscious-Hypnosis and Public Speaking and Training. She mergers her personal experience with all her training, career and life experiences to support her clients to be their best selves and live happy, healthy fulfilled lives.