Renny Chivunga

Renny Chivunga is a Process Chemical Engineer with a profound passion for ensuring the satisfaction of basic needs through a meticulous understanding of conventional water treatment processes, water distribution network health, and wastewater collection, transfer, and treatment systems. Her vision extends beyond technical expertise, aiming to cultivate communities that are not just sustainable but also desirable places to live, work, and invest for future generations.

An engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Renny demonstrates persistence, highly organized self-motivation, and possesses strong communication and problem-solving skills. Her successful collaboration with operators, analysis laboratories, and support services highlights her proven ability to deliver safe and effective solutions for process optimization, meeting stakeholder performance criteria.

Thorough, curious, and open-minded, Renny is committed to identifying, implementing, and managing scientific collaborations to acquire new skills and technical concepts. Her extensive experience encompasses various domains, including R&D, emergency management, wastewater treatment operations, energy, circular economy, planning, and recycled, potable, and wastewater operations.

Renny is dedicated to leadership development through coaching, mentoring, and academic settings. Her results-oriented approach includes building team capabilities and implementing effective, risk-mitigating solutions. With a commitment to authentic relationships, she engages well with peers and excels in developing and coaching direct reports to create high-performing teams.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Renny wears many hats — a pilot, chemical engineer, fitness instructor, model, board member, and sailor. Her achievements in the entertainment world include appearances in “The Great Gatsby,” the award-winning music video for Flight Facilities’ “Foreign Language,” and participation in global beauty pageants as Miss Zimbabwe.

Business Profile:

In her role as a Process Chemical Engineer, Renny Chivunga is on a mission to optimize water treatment processes and wastewater systems, creating sustainable and thriving communities. Her coaching, mentoring, and academic pursuits contribute to leadership development, while her technical expertise ensures the delivery of safe and effective solutions for process optimization.

Renny’s coaching approach focuses on creating self-awareness of limiting beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, enabling clients to tap into their innate gifts, experiences, and skills. She delves into the root causes holding clients back, providing awareness, self-understanding, and new tools for resolving challenges and fostering confidence and calm in their lives and careers.

Certified as a Process Chemical Engineer, Renny merges her personal experience with her extensive training, career, and life experiences to support her clients in becoming their best selves. Her commitment to ethical practices, doing the right things the right way, and acting with integrity sets her apart as a leader who values authenticity.

Renny’s impact extends beyond professional recognition, with accolades such as being named Mentor of The Year by the Australian Water Association and a finalist for the Women in Industry Mentor of The Year Award. Her story, featured in various publications and a mini-documentary, showcases her courage and contributions, including advocacy efforts to reduce waterborne diseases in Zimbabwe.

With a clear vision for her identity and a commitment to sharing her skills, experiences, wisdom, and knowledge, Renny Chivunga exemplifies passion, diligence, and a sense of urgency in her pursuit of making a positive impact on communities and individuals alike.