Highlights from the 2023 iSTEM Co Women in STEM Career Fair

Careers Fair

6th September, 2023
Level 14, 839 Collins Street, Docklands, Melbourne, VIC 2008


iSTEM Co. is had a full day interactive program for job seekers and individuals looking to pivot their careers to explore a variety of new employment and career opportunities during the 2023 iSTEM Co. Women in STEM Careers Fair. Participants had the chance to connect with HR managers, employers and recruiters as well as to meet with career coaches.

The career fair was geared for early-career professionals seeking internship/employment opportunities and for established professionals interested in transitioning to leadership roles. 

We had high caliber of STEM speakers including the Dr Rod Dilnutt, Chair Australia Computer Society (ACS), Helen McCabe, Founder and Managing Director, Future Women, Alesha Printz, General Manager, Engineers Australia (Victoria Division) and Dr Alison Every, Elevate Project Manager, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering shared insights on the current ecosystem of women in the STEM sector within Australia.

Women from all STEM backgrounds, education levels and career stages were in attendance

STEM Organisations
Career Opportunities


Dr Rod Dilnutt,

Chair, Australian Computer Society

Helen McCabe,

Founder and Managing Director of Future Women

Alesha Printz

General Manager, Engineers Australia, Victoria Division

Dr Alison Every,

Elevate Program Manager, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Dr. Morley Muse,

Co-Founder iSTEM Co.

Dr. Ruwangi Fernando,

Co-Founder iSTEM Co.

Event Schedule

Acknowledgement of Country

Dr. Rod Dilnutt, Chair Australian Computer Society

Keynote on importance of Women's Participation the Australian workplace

Helen McCabe, Founder of Future Women

Strengthening the Engineering Workforce

Alesha Printz, GM Engineers Australia, (VIC Division)

The Power of Mentorship: Guiding the Next Generation of Female Scientists

Dr Alison Every, Elevate Program Director, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Why iSTEM Co.? The state of women of colour in STEM within Australia

Dr. Ruwangi Fernando and Dr. Morley Muse, Founders iSTEM Co.

Our Valuable Moments

Here is a snapshot of some the highlights of the careers fair

Partner and Sponsor STEM Organisations

Here are the organisations represented at the careers fair

If you want diversity, then create the space for inclusion

iSTEM Co. is a research, consulting and talent sourcing company aimed to promote and enable employment of women in STEM including women of colour and women from CALD into Australian STEM organisations.